Tenka Fubu is a Sengoku RPG game set in an alternate Japan in the late Muromachi Period. The year is Eiroku 3 (1560AD) and the players are all members or retainers of the Tokudaira Clan.

The Tokudaira Clan is based in Mikawa Province and controls the castle town of Koromo and its surrounding area. The current clan daimyo is Tokudaira Hachiro having seized the domain from the previous daimyo Miyake Masasada ousting the Miyake clan.


The game uses the Sengoku RPG rules. Players are to create characters using 45 CP and 45 OP with as Stat/Skill Max of 5. Players are discouraged from choosing classes other than Buke however bonge retainers and kuge courtiers are valid options.


Tenka Fubu